Also: a new endeavor

5 03 2009

I had an idea awhile back, as I’ve started biking to work, and I thought I’d start posting a few pictures a week from my ride – but mainly all from one vantage: the river/the lake/the dammed-up river or whatever at Pleasant Valley. Things are always a little different, but it’s so much more obvious with photographic evidence. An exercise in being mindful of the beauty in small changes, and the beauty in everyday life. I like minutia. Here’s a few days over the last week or so:

February 27, 2009; morning




March 3, 2009, morning:



March 3, 2009, sunset (coming home later than usual after East Side Pies with Lauren):


March 4, 2009, evening:



The last one is the old abandoned power plant in East Austin. My friend Patrick once took me on a fantastic night-time bike ride and we went right up by it – it’s very horror-film in the best possible way.




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