New Crafts!

15 02 2009

So, a long absence! I got a regular ol’ 9-5 job instead of my previous rotating schedule, and consequently have somewhat less time for elaborate cooking-fests. Really, I think this may be an excuse and I may have to get off my rear and just get back on the horse, but…

Regardless, Sam and I went to Portland to visit our good friend Andrew:


and scope out the city:


While we were there, his lovely girlfriend PJ let me borrow her extra bike:


This was so nice of her! I loved riding this bike and meeting her, and all Sam and I can think about half the time even now is moving to Portland because it was so awesome, and we miss hanging out with Andrew, so all in all you can see this trip was pretty much a grand success.

So, as a thank-you to PJ for trusting me with her bike for a week, I sketched her main bicycle squeeze that she rides everywhere and embroidered her a patch/sampler of it:


I’m almost finished making another onesie, this time for one of the lawyers at my regular 9-5’er who just welcomed a new baby into the family! I’ll post photos of that one later.




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