A Quick, Fresh Feast!

2 09 2008

I came home from the local farmer’s market on Saturday absolutely famished, and so was Sam. Impatient and (I’ll confess) with more than a few dishes to get through, I didn’t want to make anything fussy or protracted – and though this looks, perhaps, both of those things, I threw it together in probably 20 minutes!

Inspired by Herbivoracious, I opted for a big plate of goodies for Sam and I to pick at. Clearly the asparagus is not from the market, as it’s out of season and thus also outside my morals… but my will is occasionally a weak, sad thing. And it called to me from Central Market. Despite local, in-season produce being days away. Okay, enough guilt, I already ate it. Also the mango. Sigh.

There were only four things on our plate, but they were all delicious. The little cups are full of a mushroom pilaf out of a box (a rarity in my kitchen but occasionally good to have around), and then we have chili-sugar coated mango (leftovers from the cupcakes), squash blossom and local gouda omelette, and roasted asparagus. Delicious and so easy!





2 responses

2 09 2008
Michael Natkin

Hey Kirsten – I’m glad you liked the concept, and thanks for linking back to me! Your meal looks delicious, especially those chili-sugar mangos. Nice one.

4 09 2008

Actually, the tiny cups at a quick glance appear to hold rice krispie squares, all ready and waiting for dessert time!

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