Today is my lucky day!

27 08 2008

A week or so ago, my friend Liz from Things I Love About Austin called me and said, “You won something!”

I don’t really ever win things, so I told her that wasn’t so, and she said in fact that it was. I believed it once I saw this post by the Milwaukee Cupcake Queen. A new (awesome) baking group I joined, Iron Cupcake Earth (and for which I must make this month’s challenge, probably Friday so’s to give some of the goodies to friends at our weekly gathering), had a drawing for anyone who referred a new Iron Cupcake member to the group. I had referred Liz and won, and I am pretty sure that rules.

And TODAY my lovely exciting packages came!

First, from The Glass Chef artist Peggy Festerling came an adorable, adorable glass cupcake necklace. The photographs of this cannot possibly do its cuteness and artistry justice, but I will share nonetheless.

I opened this package to a lovely handwritten note by The Glass Chef herself!

The necklace came in a prettily wrapped box with several business cards. Check out Peggy’s Etsy site – it’s all this fantastic, I swear. I’d try to eat this necklace if I didn’t want to keep it so much. Forever. I may never take it off.

I still feel like nothing does this piece of jewelry justice, but man. I love to get mail anyhow, but this is really something to get excited about!

My second package, which also arrived today, also came with a lovely handwritten note from Jessie Oleson of

I then realized there were an array of cards for neat etsy shops and independent design stuff in general in there – AND buttons. Buttons too! Buttons and cards and a note and a shirt! Holy cow. I feel lucky!

Look at that! Isn’t it thrilling? Aren’t you excited? I sure am. If you couldn’t tell. If this doesn’t convince you to visit Jessie, too, I don’t know what will. FUN! Fun! Fun. FUN I SAY.

I am one lucky girl today! Two fantastic artists sent me some of their fantastic art. Thank you so much, Iron Cupcake! Thank you so much, Glass Chef! Thank you so much, Cakespy! Y’all (yep, I’m from Texas) made my day, unquestionably.

Here’s the necklace nestled against my chestpiece (I love them together!):

And here’s me wearing my swank new t-shirt, too!

I also would like to point out, for the record, that I’m not as generally underwhelmed or ironic as I look. I’m just unphotogenic.




3 responses

27 08 2008
Iron Cupcake Sandy a.k.a. Milwaukee Cupcake Queen

I LOVE how excited you are about your win! Congrats to you…would love to post some of this post on my site…you are what Iron Cupcake is all about! Great Job!

28 08 2008

You look like a major hottie in the tee!!! So glad it arrived promptly and safely!! Enjoy!!

11 01 2009
Peggy-The Glass Chef

Hi Kirsten!
Oh my gosh! I was just browsing google and found this! Thank you so much for all of the nice comments about my cupcake necklace. I appreciate it so much and I’m so glad that you love it!
Peggy Festerling

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