After a long absence, a window

13 08 2008

…Into one of my favorite restaurants in the lovely Live Music Capital of the World (or so they call it.)

It’s called the Blue Dahlia Bistro, and I’ve yet to take a person there who didn’t love it and want to return. They serve European-style bistro food, coffee, fresh bread (baguettes, olive bread, etc.), and a delightful selection of wines and beers – all at really reasonable prices. So much so that my partner, Sam, and I go there any Saturday we can for brunch. We were recently accompanied on one of these jaunts by our good friends Rich and Liz. The four of us affectionately refer to ourselves as the old married quadrilateral, a name coined because our Friday activity of choice is going to the same place for beers and reading of local newspapers.

Anyhow, we got to the Blue Dahlia a few Saturdays ago a bit past noon and settled into a high table by the window.

The ambiance of the place is great. It’s dim at night in just the right way, but in daylight it’s full of sun and the wood tables, dark floors and rough beams just soak up the light. It’s very warm, inviting, uncluttered.

I know all the pictures of Liz and Rich are all blurry, but I like the way Rich’s eyes match Liz’s dress and they both look happy and full of movement.

We all ordered the frittata, because it’s amazing, though I wish I had some pictures of their tartines for you. That day it had sharp cheddar, squash, zucchini, and bell pepper, and literally everything you order at the Blue Dahlia comes with a salad. This is one of my favorite things about the bistro, not least because Sam hates tomatoes and I always get to steal hers! There’s no salad dressing except high-quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil, though you won’t miss the ranch or bleu cheese (I promise). The other thing the frittata comes with is what the menu calls “breads and spreads,” which doesn’t do it justice. This consists of fresh-baked breads from the kitchen and orange marmalade, mixed berry jam, and Nutella. That delicious chocolate hazelnut spread of delight and sin and bad, bad things.

The spreads are served in a really adorable little wire tray of jars. Sam discovered the joy of mixing Nutella with each of the jams, and let me tell you. If anyone ever tries to convince you this is a bad idea, you punch them right there. Right in the face.

Everyone was happy, satiated, and Rich had four eyes. That’s the only thing about the Blue Dahlia. You tend to grow extra body parts. Oh, wait, that’s just my poor photography.

Hope you enjoyed a side-trip! Back to my own baking & crafting soon. Sorry for the long absence, but my computer refused to connect to my home internet, plus I’ve been out of town on and off for a few weeks.




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